AMOTIA's 6th Annual Conference

AMOTIA'S 6th Annual Conference

The Growth of Asset Maintenance and Performance-Based Maintenance

October 1-3, 2014 • San Antonio, TX

Presentations from AMOTIA's 2014 annual conference are now available for download by clicking on the links below:

2014 conference presentations:

Day 1 (complete)

    AMOTIA by Brian Blanchard

    2. Asset Management & Operations by Harris County Toll Road Authority

    3. Continued Expansion of Asset Maintenance and Performance-based Maintenance Contracting by Joe Weber

    4. Key Considerations in TxDOT's Total Maintenance Specification by John Roberts

    5. Performance Based Maintenance Approach P3 Projects

    6. Performance Based Maintenance Results by Tim Lattner, P.E.

    7. Performance-based Maintenance Approach DB/P3 by Edward P. Pensock, Jr., P.E.

    8. Performance-based Maintenance Results by John F. Obr, P.E.

    » Day 2 (complete)

    1. Asset Maintenance in Louisiana by Rhett A. Desselle, P.E.

    2. Asset Management and Performance-Based Maintenance Contracting
    in Georgia
    by Ernay Robinson-Perry

    3. iiCollector, Mobile Asset Manager

    4. Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services Contracts Overview by Robert E. Prezioso, P.E.

    5. The Use of Temporary Steel Barriers in Construction Zones by Don Pyde