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10th Annual Conference

Save the date for AMOTIA's 10th Annual Conference
October 1 - 3, 2018 • Sarasota, FL

9th Annual Conference

Save the date for AMOTIA's 9th Annual Conference
September 18 - 20, 2017 • Savannah, GA


Congress Averts Funding Shut Down – Election Looms

Partnering for Progress in Performance-Based Maintenance Contracting

AMOTIA's 8th Annual Conference
September 28 - 30, 2016 • Dallas, TX


Congress Delivers a Long Term Highway Bill to End 2015; As the November 2016 Election Takes the Spotlight, Heavy Lifting on Transportation is Still to Come

Congress and President Obama Address Fiscal Issues, New Speaker and Action on Long-Term Surface Transportation Bill

A change in leadership consumed the House this month as John Boehner (R-OH) made the decision to resign as Speaker. The House elected a new Speaker on October 29th after arduous negotiations cleared the way for Paul Ryan (R-WI) to gain the necessary support.

Call to any DOT or private industry maintenance contracting personnel

Dr. Raphael Crowley and Jacob Fuller are working on the FDOT project "Analysis, Comparison, and Contrast of Two Primary Maintenance Contracting Techniques used by the Florida Department of Transportation."

Congress Flirts with Long Term Transportation Bill but Settles for 3 Month Extension

Earlier this week, the House finally forced the issue by passing a three-month extension and then leaving town for recess.

Walsh Infrastructure Management to take care of 558 bridges

Pennsylvania DOT awarded an $899 million contract to Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners to design, replace and maintain 558 bridges around the state for the next 25 years.

FDI Services has signed a multi-year asset maintenance contract

FDI Services has signed a multi-year asset maintenance contract with The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, MDX, to maintain five urban, limited-accesses toll roads and other facilities within the county.

The Past Present and Future of Performance-Based Contracting

AMOTIA's 7th Annual Conference
September 30-October 2, 2015 • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Political Roundup

Webster’s Dictionary includes several definitions for “blowout”, among which are; “a big party” and “a game or contest in which the winner defeats the loser by a large amount.”

AMOTIA's 6th Annual Conference

AMOTIA'S 6th Annual Conference
The Growth of Asset Maintenance and Performance-Based Maintenance
October 1-3, 2014 • San Antonio, TX

Duval County highway asset maintenance contract renewed

DBi Services announces acceptance of first-ever FDOT District 2 contract renewal under the existing Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida project.

AMOTIA Guide #20: Performance Contracting Guide

Over the last two decades, performance-based maintenance contracting (PBMC) has evolved to a level of maturity that encourages continued utilization.

Transfield and FDOT receive Governor's savings award

Transfield Services and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) received the inaugural Governor's Savings Award for the renewal of the District Four US 1/A1A asset maintenance project.

Parallel bridge repair achieves statewide recognition

The Infrastructure Corporation of America Structures Asset Management (SAM) team's incident response capabilities were put to the test once more when an excavator being towed by a truck on a flatbed trailer traveling east on Daniels Parkway in Lee County, Florida struck two parallel I-75 bridges that crossed overhead in the late afternoon hours of Nov. 6th.

Transfield Services ensure clean and safe roadways for 2012 political conventions

This election year, the Democratic and Republican Parties selected Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL to host their conventions, where both parties formally chose their nominee for President.

Jorgensen wins maintenance contract for Virginia mega project

Project staff attended a 495 Express Lanes opening event at Tysons Corner, VA in November.

ICA wins Tennessee's first AM contract

In May 2012, four Asset Management contractors competed for Tennessee's pilot comprehensive, performance-based roadway asset maintenance (AM) project.

AMOTIA'S 5th Annual Conference

The Growth of Asset Maintenance and Performance-Based Maintenance

DMS Announces: First "Governor's Savings Award" Winners

FDOT saves $13 million from private contract with Transfield Services Infrastructure, Inc.

TxDOT Looking to Private Sector for Routine Maintenance Help to Create Value and Generate Cost Savings of $120 Million

A recent pilot project in Houston where a private contractor bid a maintenance contract is saving the state about $10 million or nearly 30 percent of what this work was estimated to cost following the traditional approach.

AMOTIA's Third Annual Conference recap:

From September 27–30, AMOTIA hosted over 100 attendees for the 3rd Annual AMOTIA Conference, which was held at the beautiful World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida.

Expanding Opportunities in Performance Based Maintenance Contracting: Innovations in These Challenging Fiscal Times

September 28–30, 2011 • Marriott World Center Resort in Orlando, FL